What’s Your Problem, Man?

Building a Successful UX Process

I am Mel Choyce

As a designer,

I fight for the users

What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX)...

Encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with a company, its services, and its products. 1

[UX] is how a person feels when interfacing with a system. 2

1. The Definition of User Experience

2. What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources

UX can be...

  • Done by anyone, not just designers
  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Applied to any project

Good UX

Bad UX

What does a successful UX process look like?

UX Process

  1. Define your problem
  2. Investigate your environment
  3. Identify your users
  4. Design based on their actions
  5. Test early and often
  6. Iterate

Define your problem

Start with problems, not solutions

Post Formats UI

Answering the wrong problem

It’s not just a matter of polish, it seems to be a fundamental issue with the concept. — Mark Jaquith

If not post formats...

Then what?

Maybe the problem is...

We lack the tools for elegant and structured content curation

Investigate your environment

Talk to stakeholders

Look at competitors

Identify your users

Who are your:

  • Existing users
  • Target users
  • Non-users

User investigation tools

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Personas

Design based on their actions

User Flows


Can be simple

Can be complex


Test early and often

Rocket Surgery Made Easy

by Steve Krug





Perfect is the enemy of good

(so just ship something and make it better later)

Bonus round!

UX Development


Interaction details

Bugs bugs bugs


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